Decay # 7 (2011)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Darren Koziol
Publisher Dark Oz Productions
Writers Darren Koziol, Toby Jackman, SCAR, Greg Chapman, James Fosdike, Dave Heinrich, Anonymous, Scott Cranna, GOO
Art and Colours Jason Paulos, Toby Jackman, Robert Bacchetto, Antoinette Rydyr, SCAR, Greg Chapman, Dave Heinrich, Scott Cranna, Gemma Burratto
Cover Lee Smith
Genre Collection
Tagline Australian Horror Sci-Fi Fantasy


"Step away from the table dip-shit that beer is mine!" - Thommo

Issue 7 of Decay magazine see's editor Koziol pretty much nailing the content style developed through the first six issues. Don't ask me if it's set in stone, no doubt Decay will continue to evolve as new opportunities present themselves in the coming year. We dubbed the book "the double death issue", due to the excellent cover by Lee Smith, and waded in.

Along with the normal collection of morbid hosts, some real creativity going in there, the reader is presented with five spine chilling tales, Splatt The Zombie Cat, a couple of pictorials, reviews, letters to the editor, and enough information to keep you informed till the next issue. Pretty good line up, wrapped up in a magazine adhering to the usual high quality layout and design that Decay is becoming renowned for. Let's rip into it.

After an editorial by Darren Koziol, covering the Issue and current affairs, Toby Jackman gets us into the basement in good style with the script and art for the lead off tale The Cats Mother. There's a reason I don't like felines, okay Jackman's story didn't cover that, but the dude ensured the fur balls would not be making my top ten pet list anytime soon. A good gross out story to get us underway, though perhaps under developed when it comes to reasons for the carnage. Gorehounds are going to be baying at the moon however, Jackman gets down in the dark genre trenches and wallows in the blood.

One of the highlights for mine of any Issue of Decay is the retro SciFi stories from the SCAR team, Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr. The deadly duo deliver a ripper this issue with the message bearing The Nymphon. Don't know about you, particular if you haven't read the tale yet, but I got a real statement on xenophobia from the story. Guess this one won't go down well in certain Brisvegas electorates then. Excellent artwork and script ensures the reader will be rocking on as things escalate toward a twisted conclusion.

Whoa think I might have just broken a toe! And people think we don't take injuries writing these reviews. Later days, just off to emergency to get it checked out.

Back from ER folks and yeap broken toe, okay where was I at prior to injury.

Greg Chapman delivers Blood Debt, a typical blood sucker yarn that adds in the horror element making the vampire one mean mother again, after the poor things being eviscerated by Stephenie Meyers et al. Chapman knows what we want from a vamp tale, gothic elements with a twist, and delivers on just what you need to get you through the night. Simply put, Chapman's vamps aren't girlie men sucking dick.

And in case you think you are missing out on your Oz Zombie fix, bit of a concern over my end of the couch, Scott Cranna delivers up Zombies vs Bogans, a sort of light hearted take on the zombie apocalypse that had me grinning from ear to ear. While I definitely want to see what's happening down Adelaide way, I'm digging the divergent angles Decay has thrown into the mix recently that are keeping things interesting. Speaking of which, for the first time ever OZ Zombie goes OS on us with The London Eye showing the apocalypse isn't restricted to the Aussie landscape. Two Oz Zombie stories to round things out on the yarn front, I'm a happy camper kids.

So if that's not enough to wet your appetite for backwoods massacres, Issue 7 drops the regular features on us with what amounts to hours of good times ahead of the reader. Darren Koziol delivers the Decay sermon on the mount, always worth a read. There's a three page photo spread on "Armageddon" Sydney and Adelaide, where the freaks come out to play yo. So making that scene in 2012. There's a page of reviews of James Fosdike's web comics that should have most readers interested. Seems Darren Koziol isn't over his Mad Max thing with a page dedicated to the 30th Anniversary celebrations. Which turns out to be topical as the fourth movie in the franchise is being shot in Africa rather than in the Aussie outback. We reserve judgement on that decision people, but not best pleased. Sigh, Dazza has turned to the dark side folks, rather than the expected flash piece we get a poem, and horrors of horror it's some tripe with a don't drink and drive message. The PC are invading my comic books yo, time for the zombie apocalypse. Rounding out the latest issue are the obligatory letters to the Editor, feel free to write in to Decay voicing your opinion of poetry, you have this site's permission.

There's got to be something fundamental right with this Country, considering the professional quality we're getting from original publications like Decay which simply gets better with every addition. A couple of associates from other sites hit the U.S comic con, lucky bastards, and can report there's nothing like the original vibe going down in the States that we're currently enjoying Downunder. So two thumbs up to Darren Koziol for kicking the tires and lighting the fires, keep up the good work big fella. Guess it comes from the strong Independent view in this part of the World that diverges from the corporate mindset the Yanks are labouring under.

So clearly I was rocking on with Issue 7 of Decay, and am already licking my lips in anticipation of Issue 8, which even now sits in the review pile. If you dig high octane horror done in a stunning style then look no further kids, Decay leads a hungry pack that has the world at its feet, get your copy today and get on down with the best Oz has to offer.

Decay #7 is available online from Dark Oz Productions, and an ever increasing retail chain. The book comes with a $10 (AUD) price tag, though if you haven't got your Decay on yet why not bulk purchase with earlier Issues for some deep discounts. You can thank me later with beer.

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