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The sites ScaryMinds Staff visit on a Regular basis

What's that parody of a human lumbering over the hilltop, can we make it out in the dark, oh my god it's ....

Australian Horror Writers Association Brood

Australian Horror 
Writers Association  The AHWA is a non-profit organisation that formed unofficially in 2003. The AHWA has a mandate of "providing a unified voice and a sense of community for Australian writers of dark fiction, while helping the development and evolution of this genre within Australia.". Membership is open to Down Under Writers working in any field covering the dark genre.

Horrorscope   HorrorScope is an award-winning Australian news and literary criticism ezine dedicated to dark fiction and some speculative fiction. HorrorScope is the official news source for the Australian Horror Writers Association. Check this site regularly for upcoming Aussie horror releases and events. We do carry the AHWA news digest, but if you want the news as it breaks then keep watching the skies over at Horrorscope.

Sinister Reads   Want to keep up with new publications, or previous releases, from the members of the Australian Horror Writers Association.? Well this is the place for you. Excellent coverage of the best new books etc from the cream of Austraalian and New Zealand dark genre writers. If we haven't got each book listed reviewed, then we aren't doing our job. Bookmark the site, excellent resource.

Down Under Dark Genre Resource Sites

Genre NZ  A new site that seems to want Writers/Directors/Artists from New Zealand to list up their creations for the benefit of Kiwi genre travellers. Since they mention Blyth's Wound we're all interested. Worth checking out to check if your New Zealand dark genre dance card is fill. Fingers crossed the Indie folk get right behind this one.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of NZ  New Zealand's national body for Spec Fiction. The site maintains a list of books, short stories, etc published, administrates a number of awards, and is well worth checking out for Kiwis or anyone else with an interest in New Zealand Spec Lit. For those organising conventions etc then contact the site Admins for some help reaching the people, could save you a lot of work.

New Zealand On Screen  NZ On Screen, if it has ever appeared on either the small or large screen in Kiwiland then it's quite likely that you'll find out all the details on this site. You get forums, interviews, articles, actual videos and probably a chocolate milkshake if you can find the function. In depth look at the Kiwi movie and televsion industry.

New Zealand Videos  NZ Videos, a comprehensive site covering over 200 Kiwi movies, including horror. Each movie is given detailed coverage as well as having relative links attached. If you want to know about an existing New Zealand movie or just want to see what is available then this is the site to visit. Excellent resource, recommended to all film buffs.

Tabula Rasa  Tabula Rasa, David Carroll and Kyla Ward present a site chock full of articles, reviews, and a whole bunch of stuff to keep you entertained and enlightened. One of the premier horror websites in this part of the world let David and Kyla inform and amaze with the share volume of information they have accumulated. The most comprehensive site covering Australia, with some New Zealand content, dark genre developments and trends. If you need details on whatever interests you in horror Down Under then odds on you will find details on this site.

Down Under Dark Genre Writers Official Sites

Peter M. Ball's Blog Peter M. Ball has shot to prominance with the publication of the novellas Horn and Bleed. Clearly a writer on the rise Ball writes in an immediate first person narrative style and is someone to keep your eye on. Peter's blog combines musing about writing, angry rants, and the using stuff one would expect to see on any self respecting blog. The best is yet to come from Mr Ball, we have high hopes for this writer around the ScaryMinds bunker.

GN Braun's Blog  GN Braun's blog of writing, reading, and other things that strike the Author's fancy. Besides having an unhealthy interest in faceborg, the destination of the technically inept, seems like an okay guy. The author has a number of titles out via Legume and has had a story selected for 2010's edition of Festive Fear. With new titles coming at a rapid rate it would pay to keep an eye on this Author, note the name for future reference.

Greg Chapman's Blog  Darkscrybe is Greg Chapman's blog of unholy pondering. Chapman is a writer on the rise with a recent novella sale to his credit along with a growing list of short fiction available in various publications. Check out what's going down over at chaz Chapman, we even get information on new releases when Greg remembers to inform us (just kidding folks).

Shane Jiraiya Cummings' Blog  Shane Jiraiya Cummings comes at us as a triple threat dude. Australia's leading exponent of flash fiction, an award short story and novella creator, and as an Editor with a number of collections already available. Check out Shane's blog for latest news, and all manner of diabolical discussions. The site contains a full list of publications, awards, and about anything else you may need to know about this Author.

Hapax Legomena  Hapax Legomena, The website and haunt of award winning writer Paul Haines. Complete up to date news on Paul's publications, bibliography, blog, and assorted other things to keep you follow informed on what the Author is up to. Check it out and go buy some of the books, fully recommended Author here at ScaryMinds.

Should Have Killed 
the Blog  Should Have Killed the Blog is R. Frederick Hamilton's web site of ill repute. News on Hamiltons latest releases, musing on various subjects, and about anything else you could hope to know about the Author. One of Australia's up and coming Writers who joins Brett McBean in journeying through the darker edge of the genre.

Hairbutt  Jason Paulos is a reknowed Australian Writer and Artist, best know for his comic books Eeek and Hairbutt the Hippo. The Dude also delivered the cover for the second After The World release from Dark House. Keep up with Jason's world via his live journal site, you just never known what's coming up next over there.

Trent Jamieson  While Trent Jamieson has a number of other works to his credit he has exploded onto the literary scene with his Death Works trilogy to resounding Critical success. Check out the Author's official site to find out what Trent has planned next, apparently more Death Works novels, take part in some pretty cool competitions, and otherwise to have a sticky beak into what the Author is up to.

Brett McBean  Brett McBean is one of ScaryMind's favourite Authors with a number of novels, novellas, and collections to his credit, including The Mother. While some Authors may toy with exploring the dark genre Brett is off the main path and into the horror undergrowth unearthing all manner of dark delights. Arguably one of Australia's greatest exponents of horror literature, the Author comes highly recommended.

Daniel Russell  While not yet a household name Daniel Russell is steadily building a following amongst dark genre readers. Russell has no issues with typecasting himself as a horror writer and mixes Down Under unease with Brit dark leanings to produce a wonderfully unique style of prose that is sure to delight and amaze most readers. Check the site for reqular updates and availability of books.

Downunder Comic Resources, Publishers, Artists, etc

Billy Demonslayer  When we talk the Slayer downunder we're talking about Billy, the Anti-Christ demon hunter. Hayden Fryer is into the second series of his excellent comic and things are only going to get better. Check out Billy central, latest news updates, Billy stuff galore, and a pretty cool design to rock your day with. See what the buzz is about and pick up some issues of this excellent Downunder saga.

Black House Comics  Black House Comics is an excellent Australian Comic and Pulp Fiction publisher. The company may be new but they have already scored big time with The Dark Detective. The site needs to be updated, but keep checking back as their release schedule is pretty damn exciting. Fans of After The World or The Twilight Age need look no further.

Dark Oz Publications  The rampaging Darren Koziol brings a fine selection of zombies, things that go bump in the night, and other stuff your teachers warned you about to the table. Dark Oz is home to Oz Zombie and Decay magazine, with more titles promised in the near future. Head Honcho Koziol takes the glitter out of the vampire and put's the bloodlust back in. If you like horror magazines then you have found the right place to hang Bro.

The Works of Frank Candiloro  Bringing some German Expressionism to the table Frank Candiloro has a growing reputation as one of the finer dark genre Writers/Artists currently working. Check his official site for dark delights such as Millenial Monsters, The Adventures of White Wolf, and a growing list of one off projects. And it that's not all add the triple threat warning with movies!

Gestalt Comics  Gestalt Comics offer a wide range of serialised comics and graphic novels, including the ongoing Rombie series online. Specialising in dark genre offerings, Gestalt already have an exciting range of products on offer, with more being announced on a regular basis. Gestalt have award winning graphic novels in stock, aren't afraid to go out to the cutting edge, and are all round fun guys to deal with, you can't ask for very much more.

Killeroo  One of the stranger comics floating around the Aussie scene is Darren Close's Killeroo, think large marsupial with attitude. While the site is only new we expect some cool stuff to show up in due course, keep checking back on it folks. There's been a bunch of work going in recently by Author/Artist Close, new Killeroo episodes can only be a hop away.

McBlack  McBlack is an autobiography told in the mode of sequential art. A simple, true-hearted account of the attempts of a small businessman to make his way in a harsh world people by with cyborg biker hippies, Irish paramilitary cannibals, redneck triads, arms dealers, crooked cops, and a former pro-wrestler turned monster truck dealer. things are tough all over, but McBlack somehow navigates all of his tribulations with a grin on his face and rather a lot of small arms fire.

Sawbones  Sawbones is the online home to an ongoing Web-comic featuring two Zombies who have been entertaining the reading public with humerous adventures for a few years now. The site also has links to purchasing the two graphic novels feature the Sawbones strips, as well as reviews, and the sort of mayhem Downunder websites deal with on a regular basis. Apparently we can blame Jen Breach and Trevor Wood for this one.

Silver Fox Comics  Silver Fox Comics is a new independant Australian Comic publishing house. The home of the modern dark take on Zorro, highly recommended comic right there, further titles are being promised for future publication. The high professional standard being maintained bodes very well for a wonderful addition to the Downunder Comic scene.

The List  The List Graphic Novel a disturbing and altogether excellent voyage into religous mania from the pen of Paul Bedford, and the artistic talents of Henry Popiena. One of the best graphic novels available from Down Under. Explore the site, order the books, be prepared to be unsettled. Note, not for the unwary, enlightenment comes at a cost.

Winter City  Winter City is a twelve part Graphic Novel that follows two Detectives investigating a series of crime with biblical connections. Set in a City slowly falling to the forces of chaos and facing the coldest winter on record, Winter City promises to be a sensational addition to the Australian graphic novel scene. Please note this site features previews of each edition, so you get to see what's going down before making a purchase decision.

Online Magazines, Downloadable Fanzines, Free Stuff

Eclecticism Ezine  Craig Bezant edits one of the most regarded ezines in the Australian dark genre heavens. The magazine is published quarterly for free and features some of the best existing and new talent available Down Under. Eclecticism recently published their first collection, a sort of greatest hits from the first nine issues of the ezine. Check the site to keep up to date with the ezine, download the current and back issues, and check out the book.

The Fringe Magazine  Perhaps the most out there magazine to cover Speculative Fiction in Australia, Scott Wilsons "The Fringe" covers shorter works of fiction, art, book reviews, and Author Interviews. The site is well worth a visit, not only to pick up the latest copy of the magazine, but to also read some Author Interviews. The magazine is only a few issues old but is already staking a claim in the avant garde area of Speculative writing Down Under.

Publishers, Online Retailers, Audio Sites

Australian Online Bookshop  An absolutely huge collection of Australian books, both fiction and non-fiction, to whet your reading cravings. Excellent dark genre coverage that has me foaming at the mouth to get stuck in. One of the great online resources, if you can't find that single title then check these guys out as they no doubt have it in stock. Besides which they are dog people, which gets Little Dog Mia's stamp of approval.

Black Glass Press  Black Glass Press primarily publish thought provoking comic titles. The Publisher originally opened in Florida, USA (2005), but seeing the error of their ways moved operations to Australia in 2007 much to the delight of local graphic novel fans. Since basing themselves in Australia Black Glass have gone from strength to strength and are one of our principal comin Presses currently.

Brimstone Press  Brimstone Press is Australia's leading small press shop for dark literature. If just kicking off your exploration of the genre Down Under or wanting to find something new to read then this is the place. Besides an excellent range of books, collections, and a yearly best of breed anthology, Brimstone offers magazines and about anything you need reading wise. Bookmark Brimstone and keep in touch with what's hot in the dark genre in this part of the word.

Broken Sea  Broken Sea is a community dedicated to bringing us podcasts and free downloadable stories in an audio format. Genres covered include Sci-Fi, horror, drama, comedy, fan-works, and audio versions of some of the great movies. Broken Sea is always looking for people to get involved in whatever capacity they are comfortable with. Well worth checking out as there's bound to be a few things that will interest you.

Blade Red Press  Blade Red Press is a dedicated Independant Australian Publisher. The keywords Blade Red use to describe themselves are professionalism and dedication. With the advent of modern print on demand technology the Indie's concept can be realised, though they do distribute via Amazon and about any bookstore pepared to order in for Customers, (you'll need an ISBN there). A growing catalogue should see Blade Red go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Bluewood Publishing  Bluewood Publishing carries some dark genre titles but is more of a generalised book store then a genre specific one. Operating out of Christchurch, New Zealand Bluewood have an ever growing title list, many of which are available for download in various formats or as print versions for those who must have paper in their hands.

Coeur de Lion Publishing  Coeur de Lion Publishing specialise in Australian Speculative Fiction and already have a number of awards under their belts for various releases. A fairly powerful Writer stable backs a superb Publisher that aims to be the best in their market. Independant publisher who remain easy to deal with, we just know you are going to be ordering from this outlet.

Hachette Australia  Hachette Australia are one of our leading book publishers and distributors. They have a firm belief in publishing local Authors, both novice and senior. Added bonus here is Hachette have a large and ever growing dark genre book list, including some of the finest dark genre writers working today. If after something by Stephen King or Jeffery Deaver then you are in the right place.

Houseboat Horror  Considered by many to be the worse ever Australian horror movie, Ollie Martin's infamous Houseboat Horror now has an official site. Just when you thought the terror was over it's available to purchase, along with a wide variety of supporting merchandise. Be a part of an Australian legend, are you brave enough to go out on the lake one more time?

Legumeman Books  Legumeman Books out of Melbourne Australia, cover the more extreme end of the printed horror market and have a category that will have dark genre readers frothing at the mother to get at. Not only do they supply books, but you can get those books in a eBook format, but wait there are also a number of free options available. These guys rock, highly recommended destination for anyone wanting some extreme in their reading.

Morrigan Books  Morrigan Books are an independant press dedicated to publishing and developing the work of dark genre Writers and Editors. Though based on Sweden the company publishes a lot of Down Under Writers and has whole collections dedicated to Authors from this part of the world. A growing category of titles indicates Morrigan are very successful in their approach.

Necrotic Tissue  Necrotic Tissue is a quarterly horror magazine out of the U.S that contains both short stories and flash pieces. Since the mag has an Australian influence, and regular publishes Downunder Authors, we're adopting it under ScaryMinds' new "it followed us home" policy that see's the site embracing the odd Johnny Foreigner effort that has some sort of a connection to the South. Back issues are available free online for those interested, though the yearly subscription wont break the bank.

Screen Line  Screen Line is a New Zealand DVD Distribution company dedicated to New Zealand movies and documentaries. A growing catalogue of classic New Zealand titles including horror movies make this site a must visit for dark genre fans. The DVDs can be purchased directly online from Screen Line, now how good is that.

Steam Press  Steam Press are a new Kiwi (New Zealand) Publisher dealing exclusively with Speculative Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and horror. Editor Stephen Minchin is always on the lookout for new submissions that fit into Steam Press's range, assuming of course those submissions are of a high quality. ScaryMind's is always on the lookout for new Publishers that included horror titles in their catalogue, and we have a feeling Steam Press are going to rock the house down in the coming years.

Tasmaniac  Tasmaniac Publications is surprisingly a publisher from the Apple Isle, that would be Tasmania you know tassie devil and Alexander Pearce, specialisting in the field of Horror Novellas. Tasmaniac publish both local and overseas writers and are well worth checking out as their product line is excellent. Be quick if ordering as all releases are limited editions, exactly the right stuff for the avid horror collector.

Ticonderoga Publications  Ticonderoga Publications are based over in Western Australia and have a growing list of books available to delight and amaze. Published Authors include Stephen Dedman, Felicity Dowker, Kaaron Warren, and Terry Dowling. The books are always of the highest quality and are a joy to read. Recommended Publisher for those after Down Under dark delights.

Triskaideka Books  Triskaideka Books publish out of Wellington, NZ and have a few titles already available. The Publisher is committed to bringing the best of the dark genre to the public and has a heavy 97% rejection rate on submissions. Notable releases thus far have been the Masters Of Horror anthology and The Game by Lee Pletzers.

Twelfth Planet Press Twelfth Planet Press is quickly gaining the reputation of a highly professional publishing house with a number of award winning titles to their name. They reqularly publish novels, novellas, and a magazine named Shiney. While not every title will interest dark genre readers, theres, enough to make the site well worth a visit.

Random Static  A New Zealand publishing house that has a small but growing list of books for the discerning reader after speculative fiction. While the Publisher focuses on Science Fiction horror is sneaking in, and at least one collection published by Random Static is a most have for your Downunder collection. Worth while keeping an eye on for promised upcoming titles covering a number of franchises including Dr Who and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Movie Sites From Down Under That Are Worth Checking

And You Call Yourself a Scientist  And You Call Yourself a Scientist, let Lyz guide you through the cinematic realms of mad scientists, mad doctors, monsters, murderers, psychopaths, ghosts, freaks, weirdos, and all things "B" grade. A movie review site dedicated to the indepth exploration of the ginger headed cousins of the film world. Lyz is unfailing in her ability to dig out that certain movie that the rest of us are pretending didn't ever exist. Quite possible the site contains the best ever reviews of the Friday the 13th movies.

Girls, Guns, and Ghouls  Girls, Guns, and Ghouls, your host for the evening is Boris Lugosi, great name, who will take you through the cinema of the macabre, the cult, and the downright weird. Boris reviews the sort of movie that many of us have never heard of, though we should have, and touches bases with the oft time overlooked classic. Well written and informative movie reviews make this site a welcome addition to the Down Under movie journey.

Movie Heretic  Australian movie site dedicated to the review and discussion of movies of any kind, with a bent toward horror. You get reviews, forums, an arcade, and some interesting articles. What more could you possibly want. Be aware membership is pretty exclusive and not open to all registrations. Movie Heretic is Scarymind's big brother and goes well beyond our scope.

Short Movie Sites From Down Under

New Zealand Short Film  New Zealand Short Film, the Shakey Isles best short film site. Excellent range of New Zealand and some foreign short movies categorised to make finding something to match your taste a breeze. We have a slight issue with there not being a horror section but you can't have everything. If you hunt around the drama section then you will find some dark genre product, but hey that's like work.

Nice Shorts  Nice Shorts, an Independant short film site with some excellent work from Australian film makers. Horror gets it's own channel with a good selection of dark movies to keep you entertained. Please note the site is regularly updated with new movies so keep an eye on what's going down regularly. Due to Film makers having to list their sites Nice Shorts are not claiming to the the definitive short film site for Australia but they are going bloody close to being just that.

Movie Sites From The Beyond

Porkhead's Horror Review Hole  Porkhead's Horror Review Hole, one of the better Reviewers out of Britian, check out Joel H's unique view on horror movies etc with the odd bit of SciFi and other lesser genres thrown in for good measure. Be warned Joel doesn't hold back on either his opinions or how he wants to express them. We like that in a Reviewer, hopefully he'll check out some Down Under releases in due course.

They're Coming To Get You Barbar  They're Coming to Get You Barbara, Two sisters form the U.S who simply love themselves a horror movie, which is just as well as we love reading their off beat reviews. Not content with commenting on movies they also do macarbe cake design (worth a look just for that), pumpkin carving, and write on zombies. Unfort the site hasn't been updated in a while, they hopefully things will movie again in due course.