"How does it feel to watch someone you love die in front of you?" - Albert Pike

Turning the screw - the Interviews

Guess everyone likes to read about what someone thinks who involves themselves in some way with the dark genre. We like to think of that process as determining what darkness lurks in the minds of the horror crowd. Scaryminds will be sitting down to chat with authors, film makers, and commentators who have been drawn into that dark night.

9th January 2014, Paul Bedford - Love you with a knife.

11th December 2013, Chuck McKenzie - Battling the forces of darkness, shining a light

7th September 2011, Matt Coyle - Drawing down on the dark genre

6th August 2011, John V. Soto - The Western Australian Invasion

16th April 2010, Brett McBean - Where the metal meets the flesh

3rd October 2009, Rocky Wood - Welcome to the Kingdom.

25th September 2009, Shane Jiraiya Cummings - The sharp end of horror.

30th June 2009, Luke and Alix Jackson - Gonzo film making back in style.

15th May 2009, Felicity Dorker - A new voice in Australian speculative fiction.

9th April 2009, Robert Hood - Leading Australian Author, and all round good guy.

2nd March 2009, Jeff Ritchie - Scaryminds Founder, and test subject for the interview process.