"If you can imagine a satanic torture where death is the only release" - Specialist

About Scary Minds

G'day and welcome to, horror's last colonial outpost on the net. Please note this site contains horror images, concepts, and content that less well adjusted members of the community may found disturbing. So if you are a Kylie or Farnham fan then get the hell out right now! Be warned, we enjoy going off the main pathway, and into those dark woods that are seldom traveled.

ScaryMinds is dedicated to exploring home brewed movies and literature from Australia and New Zealand. If you like movies such as Australia or The Year My Voice Broke then you are at the wrong site. If you dig Mad Max, Undead, or Wolf Creek then dive on in like a wild thing. Don't believe us? Check back regularly as we continue our mission of digging under every rock to discover what's happening, whose doing what, and what the state of play is in horrorland Down Under.

We aim to be the net's leading authority on the dark genre Down Under

For those who simply have to have their OS fix we do have a review section called "Ring-Ins" and a "Foreign Cousins" one. While we do cover foreign movies and the like in these sections, reviews tend to be "Downunder friendly", i.e on occasion you may need some sort of translation guide. If after a more generalised horror or movie site then check our links section "Linkenstein" to see some of the sites we regularly view and abuse. There's a whole section there dedicated to OS internet sites.

ScaryMinds has a strong committment to the discussion and promotion of local horror literature. we will regularly review novels, short story collections, etc, and interview the Writers working in horror in this region. Hey horror fans who can read this can't be a good sign friends and neighbours. If after something to read over the holidays then check out our "library of the damned". Where possible we have included links to source copies of the reviewed books.

Currently the site includes Reviews, Interviews, Box Office Results, and Essays on a variety of subjects pertinant to the Down Under horror community. In the medium term we aim to introduce a members area, where you can comment on whatever strikes your fancy, a guest book for visitors to abuse us in, and whatever else we can think of that wont be too taxing to our limited technical abilities. Long term we are developing our own software to add all the features we would want in a site. Those will include a quiz module, an actual review module, blogs maybe, and if enough people demand it even forums.

Yes we are committed to the long haul. It's going to be a hell of a trip getting where we are going, plenty of blood is going to be spilt on the way, but in the final washup we hope to be one of the most solid Australia/New Zealand horror resource sites you could hope to stumble across. Hey maybe they'll end up referencing us in schools. If we can corrupt the youth Downunder then we really are doing our jobs.

If you have any news, want a movie or book reviewed, or are looking to source that hard to get Downunder horror outing then use the contact form. We will answer any and all inquiries sent our way to the best of our abilities. Before asking for advice remember this is a regional horror site. If you want information about a Downunder non-horror book or movie, or want information on the latest movie out of Hollywood then you are asking the wrong people.

Check back regularly we have a strong work ethic, read we love us some horror, and will be updating most sections of the site on an ongoing basis as we drive toward a complete coverage of the dark genre in our region of the planet. Hey you can even bookmark us, which is kind of like telling your browser to "get in behind", so we will always be just a couple of clicks away. End of day hope you enjoy the site and you either found something to entertain or got some fresh insights into the Movie Makers and Writers living and working down here.