Eeek! Issue #3 (2011)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Jason Paulos
Publisher Black House Comics
Writers Jason Paulos
Art and Colours Jason Paulos
Cover Jason Paulos
Genre Retro
Tagline Weird Yarns of Creeping Fear


“Looks like Ted's putrifying nicely.” - Dan Yerchich

Jason Paulos' summoning of all things horror retro continues with Issue 3 of Eeek!. The magazine delivers three stories of creepy mayhem that could have come direct from the printing presses of Eerie during that comic's golden age. Once again Paulos demonstrates why he's in demand as both an Artist and a script Writer, as he delivers three tales with a modern flavour that still retain their retro feeling. Let's tuck in and see what Jason has for us between the covers of the third issue under the Black House Comic banner.

The first story in Issue #3, Body Farm, sees a slight departure from retro horror comic fare, while strangely staying in about the same territory. Paulos opts for a more modern horror approach in having some collateral damage, the concept of you don't get what you deserve, while serving up a pretty gross concept of over fondness for corpses leading to resurrection. Whether or not the story falls into the zombie horde is a moot point folks, it's not what the story is about. There's a slightly nasty edge to this tale of body fluids that perhaps indicating Paulos is itching to get beyond his roots and into the modern dark genre vibe. Fingers cross he still maintains the retro beat, though I for one would be more than happy to have a Jason Paulos modern orientated graphic novel in my hands.

And in further over analysis, if you read the story backwards it becomes a chant to summon a third level demon. You read it here first folks, don't try this at home we're professionals here at ScaryMinds.

Paulos continues the more modern groove with the second story, Incident at Slumber Camp, an excellent take on classic slasher content. Given the lake setting and the small town law enforcement I was reminded of all those Friday the 13th movies we're apparently covering in detail. Once again Paulos departs from a retro comic outlook, while keeping things bubbling away on the retro back burner. This story was my favourite of the Issue, you can just hear the kikiki mamama seeping off the pages. Actually it would make an awesome short movie for anyone after a script, hey contact Jason Paulos not us.

Rounding out we have 12.05 Train to Hades, Creepy Magazine meets the London underground, a definite return to retro horror themes of reaping what you sow. If reading Eeek! for the retro goodness then this one is for you as Paulos lays down a solid 1960s style beat to the subject matter. Since I'm doing comparisons for no apparent reason, I guess this story would be Jason Paulos tackling Amicus content, the train station that dripped blood if you like. Regardless I was digging the whole story and the twists coming at you through the final panels.

The artwork in all three stories is classic Jason Paulos retro fare rivalling the best of Tales from the Crypt and similar magazines from the bronze age. There's a fair eye for detail with the panels hanging together like a well oiled machine. If you are reading this then you are probably well versed in Jason Paulos' artwork, he's at his best best with this Issue and I was certainly all over the pages like a demented Michael Myers finding a family member hiding in a cupboard. Then again I'm a huge Creepy and Eerie fan.

Just a mention of the cover artwork, demons salivating over an obligatory white nightgown wearing woman, it's typically lurid and full of promise for those well versed in the covers of some of the classic comics of yore. Excellent work from Paulos, with a 1950s look and feel to the fore. Paulos also adds an excellent back cover that will bring a smile to the face of all retro devotees. Once again I reckon a tee would go down well based on the covers.

As we would expect of any release from Black House Comics, Issue 3 of Eeek! is up to professional standard, with good quality paper stock in use and excellent reproduction of the panels. There simply is no danger in purchasing sight unseen from Black House.

Another great issue of Eeek! that had me humming away like a worker bee in a field of daisies. I was grooving to the scripts, rocking to the artwork, and had a high old time overall with the comic. Fully recommended read, get your retro on and knock yourself out. When it comes to retro horror, no one does it better than Jason Paulos.

Eeek! can be sourced online right here, and comes with the unbelievable price tag of $3, that doesn't include P&H by the way. Blackboox, the official shop of Black House, will ship to most Countries, if in doubt drop them a line for options. Please note Issues 1 and 2 are also still available, why not combine postage and order all three, you won't regret it.

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  Jason Paulos hits the retro path with quite the flourish