Billy Demonslayer Series 1 Issue #2 - Loop-Holes (2006)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Hayden Fryer
Publisher Siberian Productions
Writers Hayden Fryer
Art and Colours Hayden Fryer
Cover Hayden Fryer
Genre Demonic Humour
Tagline Turns out my father is the Devil and I'm to kick-start Armageddon


Oh, so the evil demon has a little friend here? - Billy

Billy is trying to attract the attention of his father, the Devil, due to a slight issue over mom dying. After Deadus' plan fails Trenchie decides to dial in to sort the situation. Unfortunately for the big fella Billy has a guardian angel, who besides saving Billy has some unsettling news about Angelic intervention and the like. On the bright side the Angel has a honking great sword to smite demonic entities with.

Meanwhile down in hell the Devil, after coming to terms with Deadus and Trenchie's failures, unleashes the Wolfpack (half demons) on Billy and his Guardian Angel. And if you think it can't get any weirder then think again, the Devil visits the darkest depths of hell to unleash a replacement anti-christ, Jefferson!

Before getting into things, slight digression here, anyone else think the Devil as visualised by Hayden Fryer reminds of one of those beatnik jazz musicians? I'm getting a real 1960s vibe from the character, nothing wrong with that, a unique take on old Scratch, forget I mentioned it. Okay back to the meat and three veg.

Just when you think Fryer as a writer can't possibly go any further off the garden path and into the chaos woods, he surprises with yet another plot development that will leave you wondering just what you have in your hands. I'm going to throw what's left of my reputation on the table, and claim an Anti-christ with a guardian angel has to be the most original, and cool, concept to have hit out over the last decade. Add in I guess werewolves and a replacement Anti-christ and you have to wonder how Fryer is going to close all this out. I was grooving to the script here, you simply have to high five someone who hits the original ideas all over the park with seriously awesome effect. Billy Demonslayer on the script front is unlike anything else you might have read.

An added bonus here, and it may have been going down for some time in the series with me missing the clues, was the movie references happening. If you haven't got onboard Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy previously, and hey if you haven't then you are reading the wrong site remedial viewing recommended, then you are going to miss out on Trenchie doing his very best Bruce Campbell impersonation. Would be cool if the movie, they are making a movie of the comic right? - had a cameo from the Chin. Anywise, and back to the point, Hayden Fryer has his pop culture reference on, check out the comic to get your yayas happening in regards to this aspect, for sure it will be worth your while. And hey write in if you pick up other movie references.

Not surprisingly Hayden Fryer is keeping his comedy level on the high setting as the script romps along toward what should be even more bizarre developments, no we aren't talking a serious outing here, fun times at Ridgemont high come to mind. For sure there's some horror content, the plot would dictate this, but it's not gore laden or anything approaching core go for your spine dark genre. Yes it's safe for any small people you need to entertain.

As usual the artwork is on the nave style of the deck, don't expect any of those intense colour three dimension representations, and I have to say Hayden Fryer's pen work is working in Billy Demonslayer like Ellen Ripley in an alien hive. You have to say Fryer's visuals are pretty much unique, instantly recognisable, and fit the script like a cold beer on a hot day. While noting a definite improvement in series two I'm still hip to the Fryer groove with the first series.

Overall I had a neat time with Loop-Holes, the script is going places you wont be expecting, and the artwork fits the bill. The plot arc is keeping my interest in series one and I'm more than interested to see where things might be headed. Recommended comic folks, score a copy and get down and dirty with it.

While I can't ensure a purchasing option the best place to check out the various Billy options would be the official site. For sure series two is currently available, so if you can't connect with series one then start demanding things.

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  Hayden Fryer keeps the weirdness flowing.