Decay #6 (2011)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Darren Koziol
Publisher Dark Oz Productions
Writers Darren Koziol, David Follett, Ricky Hutcheson, SCAR, Tempere Reid
Art and Colours James Fosdike, Michal Dutkiewicz, Robert Bacchetto, Ryan Walker, David Follett, Tanya Nicholls, David G. Williams, SCAR, Tempere Reid, Anton Emdin, Gemma Burrato, Dave Heinrich
Cover James Fosdike
Genre Collection
Tagline Australian Horror Sci-Fi Fantasy


“See Sandy, I told you we could make it.” - Max

Editor Koziol is back with Issue number six of Decay ensuring our reading material stays on the dark side of the library. We dubbed this one the “Cthulhu mouth” issue in honour of James Fosdike's memorable cover. Reminds me of some of my Friday night dates to be honest.

Okay so you get an editorial, four stories, the usual assortment of hosts and additional artwork, mayhem, and all sorts of dark shenanigans. I was almost going to say a bumper edition, but heck every Issue is jammed pack with dark delights. Let's get down to it.

As expected we get our Oz Zombie fix, though this time the action has moved North to Sydney's Harbour Bridge where the zombie apocalypse looks to be just breaking out the balloons and streamers. Read the comic to see what goes down as commuters meet an unexpected delay. I know a few people are going to be not best pleased with this departure from normal transmission, but I was grooving to the beat here as not enough zombie outings take time out to show what's happening elsewhere. Ryan Walker's artwork backs up a very solid Darren Koziol script.

The supporting cast in the story department are worth a look in my deranged opinion for differing reasons. Sink or Swim, script Koziol artwork Tanya Nicholls, harkens back to some of those old Creepy magazine stories that amazed and delighted. Thumbs up to Nicholls naive school approach with the panels, excellent use of two tone bleakness. Tempere Reid debuts in Decay with the Gothic inspired Animus. Intriguing notions abound in this walk on the wild side, but you can't help thinking the story is the intro to a graphic novel. Not that I'm complaining, depth and forced concentration is worth a visit every now and again. The SCAR team, Antoinette Rydyr and Steve Carter, take time out of their retro Sci-Fi adventures to deliver a suitably macabre entry in Skin Deep, there's probably a message in their but I was left giggling over the “Gein and Kemper” line. Small things amuse small minds around here.

Proving flash fiction might just be an ongoing feature of Decay, Ricky Hutcheson scores a resume entry with Letters at 2am: The Basement. In addition on the prose front we get an informative article by Michal Dutkiewicz on creating an album cover, is that a forgotten art venue with CD? - and an Expose feature on Jason Paulos' Eeek!, which includes a quote from this very site. Two thumbs up for Decay's continued support of other Downunder comics.

Also promising to be regular features are reviews, might try submitting myself there, and the obligatory letters to the Editor page. Is it just me or has Decay started to take on a well rounded and very professional feeling just recently? Besides the fantastic stories, which after all probably drag most readers in, there's also a lot of content dealing with happenings in and around the comic book scene Downunder. If you want to stay informed then look no further kids.

Not sure if I've mentioned this before when discussing Decay but the magazine does take advertising. Now before you switch off and decide we're going commercial consider this, advertising within genre publications gives you a heads up on new product that you definitely would not be made aware of through other means. For example, Robert Jukic's short Sacrifice. For Advertisors Decay clearly offers a pipeline to their target demographics, hence presents value for money. Besides which, a regular income means future editions of Decay. I only bring the “A” word up in the interests of full disclosure and to mention the adverts are non-intrusive and unlikely to take away from anyone's reading pleasure. There we have broached the subject, moving right along.

So another great issue of Decay that had me bouncing up and down like a zombie at a fashion parade. Actually thinking about it not much meat or brains involved there, dumb comparison yo. Regardless, I had a fun time reading Issue #6 and am now going into withdraw due to lack of Decay in our review queue. If you haven't gotten into this magazine yet then shame on you, go and friggin get a few copies today or don't even try to sit at the cool kids table.

For those after their very own copies, check out the official website right here for all available Issues. If in Sydney then dive into Kings Comics on Pitt to get your Decay on. I wouldn't be delaying by the way as early Issues are selling out, so get in quick for what are going to be collectors items in the near future.

Newsflash: Decay #9 is going to have a ten page Killeroo story, now that's something not to be missed kids! Also could people stop writing in and asking if we sell our copies, the answer is no, they are pristine and wrapped in plastic.

ScaryMinds Rates this read as ...

  That's a real hard 9, excellent Issue, go and buy it today!