Budd + Luu Part II (2013)

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Violence :
Editors Frank Candiloro
Publisher Franken Comics
Writers Frank Candiloro
Art and Colours Frank Candiloro
Cover Frank Candiloro
Genre Surreal
Tagline None Listed


"And you didn't do any of this before because ...?" - Budd

Budd along with a rabbit, apparently named Jane, are attempting to jail break Irrenanstalt, now there's a sentence I never thought I would write, but naturally things don't go as smoothly as Budd could have hoped for. The Great Elfaa sounds the alarm and Budd is forced into a few close shaves until he eventually escapes, and discovers there is no real escape! A ragtag alliance of characters help Budd as he searches for Luu through time and space, but is he ever going to achieve his goals?

One final reality may hold the key to Budd reuniting with Luu and ending the Irrenanstalt's hold over fictional characters, but he is going to need Luu's help and Luu has changed. Okay my brain hurts, it's early Sunday morning, read the flipping comic to find out what's it all about Alfie.

I talked about the major alternative reality that Part 1 threw in our direction, in Part II Candiloro really goes hell for leather with the concept, which not surprisingly should please Sci-Fi fans more than dark genre voyagers. Trying to avoid spoilers here, Candiloro postulates that there are multiple fictional realities where things can be changed that will directly impact the Irrenanstalt. Without giving too much away, Budd needs to achieve something to completely breakout of one reality and re-establish the realities he is used too. While that sounds somewhat complex it's a hell of a ride getting there, and I definitely appreciated the frames where Budd is journeying between realities. Don't try this graphic novel while under the influence of a certain herb; it will lead to hours of inane metaphysics mon! Frank Candiloro has your back, just don't go there people, read the book instead.

While the obvious pop references are Abbott & Costello married to The Matrix Candiloro isn't leaving it there, he's having a lot of fun with this book. If your pop radar is on then you are going to have a lot of fun finding the references. To name a couple, The Cabin In The Woods gets a guernsey and just for the hell of it Toy Story gets a look in. So there's definitely some fun to be had there and it'll keep you on your toes.

Before moving along to the art a couple of words on the humour in the book, which ensures we know Candiloro isn't taking it as seriously as some embittered undergraduates might desire. Come on a talking rabbit, that just says "having a good time y'all". What spins through the book from first page to last page is that we are dealing with two comedians as central characters ergo the entire book has to have a comedic angle. Doesn't remove the actual satire but does add sugar to the medicine, life is too short etc Frank Candiloro is ensuring you are going to have a good time on all sorts of levels.

Once again Candiloro delivers his trademark geometric gothic style that will have you revelling in the frames. While the art is typical Candilororian black and white depicting frame by frame exactly what is going down in the script, there's an amount of detail in some of the frames that I haven't noticed from Candiloro in previous releases. It was probably always there in previous work from the Artist but for some reason I really noticed it in Part 2. So for those who really want to groove to the art then get ready for a real good time.

With Part 2 you'll get 50 odd pages of intense art and a plot line that will keep you engrossed. Considering Part 1 ran to about 46 pages, it all adds up to one fairly big graphic novel, and I simply have to commend Frank Candiloro for taking on his biggest project to date. Actually if for some strange reason you haven't already read Part 1 then you'll need to score that release first as Part 2, as the name implies, continues the story rather than being a completely new book set in the same universe.

As it happens Candiloro is on a recurrent theme here that is made more obvious than in previous books. All the world is a stage and his characters are players upon it, as are his readers if you want to read that interpretation. Of course this isn't overshadowing the story being told but does help to explain a number of recent releases from Candiloro. I could spend some time expanding on this idea, but then we would be in danger of turning this review into a critique, something none of us want to happen really as it would involve big words and such.

Frank Candiloro just keeps the good times rolling with each release and isn't apologetic in doing so, the dude is also not flagging in what has been a heavy release schedule in 2013. With Budd + Luu Part II the reader gets outstanding and unique artwork as well as a clever script that has multiple levels of interpretation. If your reading matter extends to the surreal then you are in for a treat, as Candiloro delivers a tale from the further reaches of imagination. Full recommendation once again, this book will have you humming the tune and will simply keep on entertaining you.

A couple of websites for your further exploration of Budd + Luu and to keep you entertained on those long summer nights. Frank Candiloro's official site that contains all sorts of information on the graphic novel's creator. And if that isn't enough then check out Franken Comics> for purchase options. Budd + Luu Part II is listed at $7 AUD which presents excellent value for money.

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