The Demons In My Head (1998)

Sex :
Violence :
Director Neil Johnson Reviewer :
Writers Neil Johnson
Starring Matthew Mariconte, Greg Bowman-Miles, Jane Rowland, Amber Allum
Genre Comedy?
Tagline Travis Brown is having the worst week of his life
15 second cap Dude discovers an interdimensional headpiece and makes a few pan dimensional calls to the demonic


"It's the power of Satan. The inscriptions on the side link it directly to the Nephilim" - David

Travis Brown is having a pretty bad week. His stuff has been repossessed due to non-payment, the blond bimbo flatmate is all over the dude arriving to take Travis' stuff, his other flatmate is gay and wants Travis badly, and he starts hitting on an older blond religious chick who certainly isn't going to return the same feelings.

Perhaps brightening his week is the meteor that crashes into his backyard, surprisingly doing no damage to the house it missed by a couple of metres. Naturally Travis decides to break the space rock open, because that's nearly always a good idea in a horror flick, and finds this headset device inside. The device allows Travis to move things between dimensions, with some very bad results happening, including the arrival of the demonic Nephilim. Let's crack on and get this review out of the way as The Demons In My Head is a strong contender for the worse ever Aussie horror movie!

Dear god in heaven when we decide to crank out a bad movie we really go to town on it Downunder, even taking into the account the next to nothing budget Director Neil Johnson has to work with. Things start strangely with the movie kicking off with the sort of shite you get when trainee film projectionists have their first attempts at screening a flick. You know the numbers, weird only film Producers would understand symbols, and enough cigarette burns to have the anti-smoking lobby hitting the pavement protesting. Then we sort of switch between colour and black and white through the first block of the movie as you are left wondering if you shouldn't bake a sponge, put your head in a pot of boiling oil, or take a high powered rifle to the nearest tall building instead of watching the rest of this movie. It's not so much the plot, which remains kind of interesting, it's more the lack of acting ability, the joke of a script, and the special effects that look like Fat Cat might have had a go on a Commodore 64 to make them. Kids ask your parents about Fat Cat and the 64.

Having said all that, and yes we have a really bad movie that is trying to be a sex comedy or something? - I couldn't quite work out what Director Johnson was going for to be honest, there are a couple of aspects to the movie that actually work. Yeah I was as shocked as a Roo that had just been run over by a roadtrain as well.

The Nephilim, who are either demonic envoys of hell or simply an alien race, were well conceived. Was digging their language, and the quick movements of the methane breathers. The fact that they were simply psychotic was helping as well, Johnson manages to labour in some gore via the home invasion from hell that will have some viewers happier than a roadtrain driver who has just run over a roo. I was also grooving to the fact that there was this sort of vampire lore behind how to rid yourself of a Nephilim infestation. Keep the bicarbonate soda handy and as much bronze as you can get your hands on. Guess I should also mention that prolonged use of the headpiece that Travis discovered turns a normal dude into one of the Nephilim, dang kind of hope Sony don't decide to add this option to their next PlayStation.

Johnson also dials up Ozploitation to get dudes applauding everywhere. Amber Allum is first prancing around in her undies, before going buck naked for a prolonged sex scene. We get to voyeur that scene along with Travis, who lets face facts here folks, isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and who has some real strange urges. Jane Rowland gets her blouse ripped open at one stage but manages to keep her modesty intact, damn!

The movie is a contender, a contender for the worse ever Aussie made horror flick.

Strangely Larisa, the flatmate who gives out on first dates, works for the Ugly Duckling Modelling Agency, yeah I was left with a big wtf over the name as well.

As stated the special effects were cringe worthy. We're talking alien spaceships that Ed Wood would have turned down, a methane world that is filmed strangely via a green filter, and the sort of shenanigans in the editing room that make you wonder if something a little in the way of the 'erb was being smoked while the movie was being finished mon. There's a sort of cut price Hellraiser vibe to the situation that Johnson should have made more of while dropping the special, with a capital "S", effects.

There's a strange finish to the movie that I can't explain without dropping a whole bunch of spoilers into the mix. Let's just say that you might get the "be careful what you wish for" thing that goes down in horror. Besides which you nearly always have to leave them with one final shock moment in a horror flick.

So I tackled this movie due to needing to round out my Downunder dance card and pretty much regret the decision, so bad it was good doesn't really cover it friends and neighbours. Basically we have the tale of someone staring into the abyss, the abyss staring back, and non-returned sexual healing. All wrapped up in poo stained celluloid. I managed to get through the movie, not overly sure why I bothered, and in all honesty can't give any sort of a recommendation to The Demons In My Head. Avoid this one unless you simply must see every dark genre flick ever made Downunder. And that's review length, I'm calling it a night!

Oh if after a copy this cinematic masterpiece then good luck, outside of my 50 craptastic movie box set I haven't seen noted it.

ScaryMinds Rates this movie as ...

  A movie that reaches for the pinnacle of being the worse ever dark genre flick lensed in this Country.