Billy Demonslayer – Series 1 Issue #1 - Supermarket of Horrors (2006)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Hayden Fryer
Publisher Siberian Productions
Writers Hayden Fryer
Art and Colours Hayden Fryer
Cover Hayden Fryer
Genre Demonic Humour


“Darkness? Cool. It must be Goths!” - Billy.

The first ever Issue of Billy Demonslayer, we're talking series one here friends and neighbours, lays down the vibe for what is to come. Oh there was a prologue piece as well, but I'm not going to spoon feed ya all here okay. Billy and his mom are at the supermarket stocking up, Billy is intrigued by a pair of electric "handy-saws" but is not allowed to try them out. Meanwhile dark Satanic forces are rising as Billy's Dad wants to see how he is getting along. As you can well imagine slight bit of carnage ensues, Billy learns he is the Anti-Christ, and the Supermarket carries latest release comics. So how was your afternoon?

First off before anyone turns into a little girl, I am reviewing each Issue of series one from a collection sent my way by Hayden Fryer. Apparently the idea of the ScaryMinds' crew arriving around his place demanding interviews and beer was enough to send Hayden into hysterical action on the ensuring we wouldn't descend front, hence the collection. And yes I will check out where you can get your grubby paws on a copy before too much more single malt passes Dirty Dan's lips. The date of each Issue is being taken from the second edition of the Collection, so it ain't the original publishing date, suck it up. Lets crack the first issue open to see where it all began for everyone's favourite Anti-Christ.

Got to love a Hayden Fryer plot-line, here we have the Anti-Christ at the local supermarket scoping out comics and toys while demonic forces gather out in the parking lot. Fryer is like George Romero on speed, except without the devouring side of the equation. Actually the setup reminded me of Stephen King's The Mist, and no I don't care to elaborate. Anyway there's a concise story going down and series one is being set up nicely without the need to elaborate on minor plot points that not many people are going to be interested in at the best of times. Australian comic history is of course made with Billy picking up his “handy-saws”, a moment to rival Jason getting his hockey mask for local fans!

What's cool about Issue #1 is that Billy is given motivation up front for the whole series without things happening cause the script required them to. While I'm not about to give away any spoilers here, a death is going to be the main motivation for Billy while we are still waiting on hearing the other side's reason for beginning hostilities. Surely it's not just Dad checking up on the young fella out in Walksville? Guess more will be revealed as we progress through the first series.

Series 1 comes to you in standard U.S comic book format, I'm reviewing off an electronic version so can't vouch for the printed issue quality. The panels are your standard black and white naïve, school of art there amigos, representation. Everything is easy to follow and the wordage isn't a problem to read, yes we do more than just look at the pretty pictures around these here parts. So on the technical front you can be pretty confident that it's all professional and not simply a garage publication with the problems that brings to the table generally.

So the art in Issue 1 is either going to work for you or not depending on willingness to read for the plot line, acceptance that not every comic is going to be up to European Art Master standard, or general realisation that no you can't do better. There's a place in hell reserved for bogans who claim they can draw better, who of course never get around to actually drawing anything, when spying the latest artwork sitting on your coffee table. Anyway the point here is that Issue 1 is going to cut out the non-comic book lover from the herd, which is pretty much a good result in my opinion. I actually quite liked the art, it was brisk, got the message across, and rocked on like AC/DC on a particularly good night.

For something cool to do check out the artwork in Series 2 and compared it to the panels in Series 1, Hayden Fryer sure is refining his style while maintaining a sort of open freshness to things. Okay that might have been slightly too geeky.

Series 1 is off and running with Supermarket of Horrors, digging the title over here, and I had a lot of fun between the covers catching up on where Billy Demonslayer began. Definitely worth checking out, will attempt to get a purchase link happening in time for the review of Issue 2. Now excuse me while I get my Billy on with the next comic in the series.

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ScaryMinds Rates this read as ...

  Excellent start to a comic series that doesn't take itself overly serious.