Yuck! #2 (2009)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor James Andre
Publisher Milk Shadow Books
Writers Johandson Rezende, James Andre, J Marc Schmidt, Dexter Cockburn, Ben Hutchins, Jacek Zabawa, Frank Candiloro, Matt Emery, Ed Kearsley
Art and Colours Johandson Rezende, James Andre, J Marc Schmidt, Dexter Cockburn, Ben Hutchins, Jacek Zabawa, Frank Candiloro, Matt Emery, Ed Kearsley, Brendan Halyday
Cover Jacek Zabawa, Antonia Glavic
Genre Collection


“Can I borrow your wank tape?” - Steve

Another issue of Yuck! Magazine arrives, and yes it's as depraved and disgusting as the first. Editor James Andre is so going to hell for this stuff. Mind you he's likely to have company on the trip given the Writers haunting the pages, not to mention you the reader. Like the first issue, number two is jammed packed with stories and disturbing ideas presented for your entertainment. Let's get right into it.

You get a grand total of eight stories this time round, with the magazine running to 36 pages excluding covers. Johandson Rezende kicks things off with what I guess is a typical Yuck! existential piece that takes some working out. Drugs would probably help there, not that we condone the use of illegal substances here at ScaryMinds of course. James Andre and J Marc Schmidt are more down to earth with Everyone Needs Good Neighbours, a story that is likely to bring a smile to the dial of even the most cynical of readers. Great closing line that gave me a chuckle. It's worth the price of admission on the strength of this story alone, so the rest of the magazine is in the bonanza category.

Of course this being Yuck! the concept of good taste is going to get a good kicking. Dextor Cockburn starts putting in the Doc Martens with Shits 'N Giggles, which simply explores the many fascinating ideas of poo, but strangely passes on farts. Think I missed a slam dunk of a joke there. And Ed Kearsley isn't adverse to going down the chocolate path with a fable about what can happen if you sleep with a Mate's girlfriend. All things must pass, again, and again. So yes the magazine is designed for the morally upstanding Young Liberal to groove too.

Of course Matt Emery isn't leaving well enough alone with Lying To Your Friends introducing a new Superhero with a very strange power. Seems Ryan was working late one night in the laboratory when a lightening strike spilled chemicals all over his body. Needless to say he develops a couple of traits that would have the Toxic Avenger envious.

Please note that Yuck! magazine does come with an Adults Only warning on the cover, so if you have dived in by mistake then it's your own fault. Ample warning kids, so let's not get all morally outraged by the content.

For regular Readers a should add the second part of Square Of The Crossbones is included, and I was certainly looking forward to catching up with the adventures of our mismatched group of Panzer dudes. Things haven't improved for them and you get the feeling it's going to be all downhill in a barrel from here.

I'm actually quite digging the covers that Yuck! delivers with each issue. This time round Jacek Zabawa takes time out of drawing Nazis to get down and dirty with a particular cool artwork for the front. I'm not entirely sure what it's meant to be portraying or how it relates to the rest of the magazine, but hey biggest pair since Laura Croft, thanks for the mammaries Jacek! Once again you get the feeling that the covers would look mighty fine on a Tee, though probably the most economically viable plan would be via something like cafepress, yes we're even thinking about that option.

Overall then I had a real good time with Yuck! #2, the second issue living up to the standard set by the first exercise in shock rock. The social satire aspect of the first issue seems to have been dropped in the second, though this could be due to submissions rather than Editorial guidelines. If you don't mind a bit of filth in your reading, and hey I get tired of political correct publications as well, then Yuck! is well worth having a look at. I'm going to call it a vital part of the local comic book scene just so we are all on the same page here.

Right, and risking running over my allotment, a U.S reader asked for a comparison to something he might have read. Dude, have no idea what you might have read to be honest, but hunt around for something called The Freak Brothers, Yuck! is operating in the same subversive waters.

Milk Shadow Books have their funky new site up and running right here, if you collect comics then dial on in there as the Shadow team seem to have quite the extensive collection. All current and past issues of Yuck! magazine are available to purchase direct form the site right about here. About the only issue I have with the site is you can't filter via genre or country.

ScaryMinds Rates this read as ...

  Solid magazine that takes some pride in it's possibly offensive content.