The Twilight Age Issue 4: Resurrection (2009)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Baden Kirgan
Publisher Black House Comics
Writer J. Scherpenhuizen
Art and Colours J. Scherpenhuizen
Cover J. Scherpenhuizen
Genre Apocalypse


“No one leaves here alive with me knowing about it” - Arn Rutger

Resurrection finally shows the comic panels that were used to promote The Twilight Age prior to the first issue's release. FBI Agent Justin Barnett has a nightmare about his arch enemy Dracula invading his home and draining his kids of blood. Having exhausted all options in Philadelphia Barnett and his Indian friend decide to head back down south. Meanwhile Gilly is coming to terms with her predicament as a prisoner of the Psychopathic Dracula, who's real name is Arn Rutger we learn. Gilly does escape but it's a case of jumping out of the pan and into the fire as she runs into Cultist intent on raising the Elder Gods. To really leave us gasping for the next issue the scared dude introduced in Issue Three has finished his self imposed treatments and has tooled up for some action of his own. Whether or not scared dude is a forced for good or evil isn't addressed as yet.

With only two Issues left I was wondering how J. Scherpenhuizen would conclude things as well as cover some of the threads introduced in earlier Issues. Our major characters are all either now in Savannah or on their way to the City, ensuring we are going to get a solid enough final show down to keep us happy with life and looking forward to how things may pan out. We also with Resurrection get the promise of some Elder god action, remembering Dracula has been building toward the event, surprisingly he may play no part in the actually summoning of the God imprisoned for aeons. What is missing at this stage is any reference to the geographic upheavals alluded to in Issue One. Whether or not the Writer forgot about this aspect of the story line or simply didn't see the need to include anything additional to an already overloaded plot is probably an argument with very little merit. All we need know is the final Issue is going to be bursting at the seams with content. Whether or not J. Scherpenhuizen returns to The Twilight Age universe is something I'm going to keep my fingers crossed over.

Probably the only weakness in the plot-line that I have detected thus far is a lack of disease rampaging through survivors considering the amount of decaying bodies lying around. Well okay some zombie action would have been appreciated as well, but hey we can't have everything thrown in our direction. Generally disease is an ever present danger in Apocalypse outings so the exclusion wasn't quite what I expected.

The pacing in Resurrection has picked up markedly as we move toward the conclusion promised by the next edition, there's a feeling through the panels that the rush is on to cover all plot points and to give a sense of urgency to proceedings. This doesn't mean that J. Scherpenhuizen is allowing standards to drop, we have another excellent Issue in our hands, the writing remains top notch and compelling throughout the issue.

The artwork in Resurrection has taken on darker hints as things deteriorate for the home team. While a lot of the action going down is set during the night there remains very little in the way of lighter tones during the daytime panels as well. To a certain degree the artwork used in the panels is lending to the atmosphere the comic has achieved via the plot. The potential reader should also be advised that there is some nudity going down, though that's likely to only offend the religious right our responsibility is to cover all bases and ensure you know exactly what you are getting into. Notably Black House have also assigned a "Mature Readers" rating to the comic as well.

While there's an odd panel here and there involving violence the more gruesome aspects of the story are kept off page and implied. Arguably that's going to be a necessary requirement if the comic pushes into North American, what with the self regulation and overly sensitive nature of that market. So for gorehounds don't expect claret splattering the pages, but the story lines are strong enough to make the issue moot anyway, and hey a chance to allow your own imagination to fill in whatever details you feel necessary is always worth while.

The Twilight Age is getting better with each issue, the plot arcs are interesting, and the artwork is well worth checking out. With one issue left I am wondering how everything is going to be resolved, and for sure am pretty keen to find out. If you haven't dialled into this comic yet my advice would be to order all five issues and rock on with the whole lot in one go. Otherwise if partially through the series then it's well worth while continuing as things continue to go from strength to strength.

ScaryMinds Rates this read as ...

  The penultimate Issue of this series ensures it's not to be missed.