Billy Demon Slayer S2#4: Nibbles Attack! (2007)

Sex :
Violence :
Editor Hayden Fryer
Publisher Siberian Productions
Writer Hayden Fryer
Art and Colours Hayden Fryer
Cover Hayden Fryer, Emma Toia
Genre Demonic


“Damn … demonic hamster” - Billy

Surprisingly Nibbles isn't finished, as we may have thought from a previous issue, and has launched a major attack on the Damon residence. While Billy is otherwise engaged the possessed townsfolk lead by Noel are laying siege to the house. Meanwhile in the Underworld the Council have their own problems with a group of riders who have different ideas on how things should be handled.

Will Deadus' plans come to fruition or are things spiralling out of his control?

Is Hayden Fryer obsessed with hamsters? Did one steal his ice cream one hot summer day when he was younger? Regardless, only Fryer could come up with a comic involving the attack of a demonic hamster intent on taking out the Anti-Christ. While someone might have written something even more outlandish I am yet to read it. Surprisingly, given the overall nature of the Billy Demon Slayer series, it works and doesn't come off as particular strange or out of left field. See solid writing can overcome the most incredulous plot, you just have to have some balls and talent really.

While the main action centres around a Billy v Nibbles grudge match Hayden Fryer takes time out of the knock down fight to advance the overall plot arcs. Deadus is still plotting something that no doubt isn't going to be of benefit to Billy or the townsfolk, possessed or otherwise, and things are going to hell in a hand basket in the Underworld. The Council has been replaced in no uncertain terms by new over lords. Just where this might be going with three issues left to read in series two is anyone's guess, but I'm definitely intrigued.

ust a minor point of order here, clearly we have the Christian mythological four riders of the apocalypse making an appearance, does this mean Armageddon is about to kick off? Of course Hayden Fryer may not have meant for the reader to make that connection, but just how many riders are cantering around the Underworld anyway? Of course if this was Mordor we could count on nine, so no foul, sorry I brought it up really. Told you it was a minor point, maybe we are already on the cusp of Armageddon with Billy being the only hope. Now that would be one hell, no pun intended, of a neat idea.

With things steadily sliding toward the abyss, how much further can you go than a town fill of possessed zombies and an Underworld massacre, I'm actually left pondering how Fryer is going to conclude this series. There's taking things to the apocalyptic brink and then there's over playing your hand. The series is set up for one hell of a conclusion and the question remains, can the Writer pull this one off without a few literary smoke and mirrors being called upon? My guess is yes, but it's going to be one heck of a ride through the second half of the series.

If readers are wondering why all the mention of plot arcs and such then it's due to Nibbles Attack! being very much an interim issue. You really do need to know what's gone on in the previous issues to get where we are in the current issue, and there's a lot of room being taken up with setting up the situation for future issues. In cinema terms it's sort of like The Empire Strikes Back, you need to have caught the original movie and be consigned to seeing Return Of The Jedi to get full value for money. I'm caught up in all things Billy at this stage so no problems from my corner of the lounge room, but be warned, read the preceding issues of the comic before tackling this issue.

With our new word length, that was just a recommendation right? - I really do find myself constricted in getting it on with a review. So let's hit the artwork before wrapping. As in previous issues of Billy Demon Slayer S2 we are talking minimalist panes with a naive approach to the subject matter. This works in the context of the comic, which is pretty much tongue in cheek at the best of times, and I appreciated the grey hues breaking up the normal black and white drawing. The wordage is easy to make out and there's enough mix and match perspectives being used to keep things interesting. Top marks on the artwork once again.

I enjoyed the issue, read it a few times to ensure I got the full impact, and was generally impressed enough to want to dive into the next instalment to see what might go down. As regular readers may have noted I'm spreading these reviews out as I find if I dial into one thing heavily then I get comfortable about things, which is never a good head to come at a review from. So as much as I want to read the next issue I'll be putting that on hold for a bit. I got my Billy fix this time round, full marks to Hayden Fryer for another ripper of an issue.

Did I mention you can score not only Nibbles Attack! but all issues in this series via hitting the official site? Actually $25 for the entire second series represents bloody good value for money kids. I would recommending hitting that one like a wild night out up the Cross.

ScaryMinds Rates this read as ...

  An interrium issue, but heck demonic hamster mayhem to be had!