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In space they still can't hear you screaming, Shane Abbess is back!!!

Abbess finally has a follow up to Gabriel, Infini now available on digital formats.
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Okay so we all liked Gabriel right? You know the low budget Aussie feature that got a cinematic release, and did okay at the box office. Well the Director hasn't been idling away his time drinking tequila shots from starlets' belly buttons, nope he has been hard at work on a follow up flick, the Sci-Fi horror outing Infini, now available via iTunes etc.

The synopsis certainly has my attention, "Set in the dark reaches of space, INFINI is the story of an elite search and rescue team transported to a distant mining station to save Whit Carmichael (Daniel MacPherson) who is the lone survivor of a freak accident. Using Slipstream technology the team must transport into a hostile environment and quarantine a lethal biological weapon, which is set to arrive on Earth within the hour". Anyone else thinking Aliens at this stage? Lethal Biological Weapon, oh hell yeah!

INFINI, will debut to Australian & US audiences digitally on May 8, available exclusively to rent or purchase on iTunes, Google Play and other digital platforms. Now please don't barrage us with anti-Apple statements like you all did previously, yes we agree "Apple are a pack of arseholes who only appeal to trendoids", but there are other digital options okay. And if you must use Apple please remember they don't pay Aussie Corporate taxes and their kit is over priced and under powered.

Check out the trailer below and we'll get a review happening just as soon as we can work out another digital platform, or when the disc gets released, which ever happens first.

Okay initial reaction, Blade Runner meets Aliens via Event Horizon, sign me on board right here right now!

Published on 14 May 2015

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