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Alien fans rejoice, movies galre announced

Okay settle, two new movies set in the Xenomorph universe have been announced with a third projected!
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to outer space those pesky intergalactic hitchhikers, the Xenomorphs, are back with a bad arsed attitude and finally some good news for long suffering Alien franchise fans. Best news is Ridley is involved in both green lighted movies.

First up Prometheus 2 is underway with a new script coming to the boil. Okay I know a lot of fans were uptight about the first movie, but hey Scott said it wasn't a direct prequel, but was going to explore the "space jockey". Get with the program and stop whinging, y'all don't need to go see the second flick if it offends you that much. For sure there's some dumb people on the net who didn't want to like the first movie before seeing it! Frack off and catch some Disney shite if you fall into that category. So anyways second movie should hit next year with a third in the planning stages, I'm one happy colonial marine, lock and load people.

Prometheus 2

And in even more exciting news Fox have agreed to Neill Blomkamp helming a new Alien movie, that's right folks a movie following on from the previous four uneven movies in the franchise; we're going to pretend the AVP flicks didn't happen. Not much detail, beyond a few sketches by Blomkamp, but the good money is on Ripley returning to continue her was against her nemesis. Man am I ever excited, sign me up to Blomkamp's take on the whole thing right here right now.

Published on 21 February 2015

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