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George Miller goes back to the well with Mad Max: Fury Road

First trailer out and got to say it looks a lot like the second movie in the original trilogy, only without Mel Gibson!
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Okay besides a wink to The Cars That Ate Paris, a honking big tornado that may harbour sharks, and Charlize Theron going Max Rockatansky on us Fury Road looks a lot like Mad Max 2. Is there petrol in the big truck as well? Miller is clearly keen on a reboot, this movie is the first in a rumoured trilogy, but maybe we could have got something new perhaps.

While the action is high on the adrenaline level, which should appease teen males in particular, there's a hint that Miller has gone Michael Bay in thriving on action scenes and explosions loosely joined by a semi coherent plot. To early to say but from the trailer it appears we are going to get a simpleton action movie with little else to appeal to the waiting hordes. Sure I'll be there opening night, but expectations are not high at this stage, Miller appears to have nothing in the tank other than visuals.

Published on 28 July 2014

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