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Spierig Bros teaming up with Hammer on Supernatural movie

While the movie reviews around the name Winchester is has nothing to do with Sam and Dean, Hammer want a supernatural flick and they are calling in the Bros to direct
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The Spierig Bros, who regular readers will note also directed Undead and Daybreakers, are currently putting the wraps on their third major Predesination and have been linked by Deadline with Hammer's latest foray into the supernatural.

The plot outline is sketchy but apparently, "...heir Sarah Winchester who, in 1884, began 38 years of construction on the 24,000 square foot, 160-room Gothic mansion. It was after the sudden deaths of her husband and child that Winchester began to believe she was cursed by the family legacy, and she was instructed to build the mansion by a spiritualist medium, to appease the spirits. She never stopped building, haunted by the lethal legacy of the “gun that won the West.”". Anyone else smelling paranormal activity in a honking big mansion?

For those not in the know, the Winchester Mansion went up Red Rose fashion by Sarah who design and added weird embellishments for years on end with construction running 24 hours per day. The woman clearly needed a hobby! The Mansion is rumoured to be ghost central in the U.S, and if you believe that I have a harbour bridge for sale. Anyways big house, weird features, and enough dark corners to have Mikey Myers happy with it. The best part is the movie is tapped to be filmed in the Winchester Mansion! Now how fracking awesome does that sound friends and neighbours!

Hammer apparently have a script in hand from Tom Vaughan and want the Spierig Bros to head on out to San Jose in early 2015 to begin filming at the infamous manse. More details as they come to hand.

Published on 24 July 2014

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