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Paranormal Activity 5 held back till 2016

So we aren't getting two PA movies in 2014 and now have one hell of a long wait for the next movie.
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Following Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones not doing as well as expected in North America, and for that matter in the International markets, Paramount have put on hold PA 5 as they search for that elusive formula to win back the whinging fan element that have turned into a plague on the Internet. Sorry if you don't like the franchise fine, your welcome to your opinion, but for Christ's sake could you stop whinging about it!

Okay here in the Sminds bunker we are pretty happy with the franchise, number 4 added some well needed mythology and the Marked Ones took things in unexpected directions, so we were more than happy to trudge into the multiplexes to see the next movie. Can Paramount bring off something cool from here? My vote is no, as soon as a Studio starts tinkering with a franchise it's a death note for that franchise.

For those tough guys on the net who claim loudly and in depth they were not scared during any of the movies, yeah we believe you, everyone's a super hero when they post anon online yo!

Bring on the 5th movie Paramount but I have a nasty feeling you are going to fix it till it breaks completely, it's the Studio way.

Published on 19 June 2014

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