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Ridley Scott on Prometheus sequels

Empire magazine in an interview with Scott got the canny Director to give some details on the forth coming sequels to his controversial Prometheus re-engagement with the Alien universe.
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According to Scott the script for Prometheus 2 is written and signed off on by himself and Fox. Woohoo slightly excited here, but even better a third movie in the series is already well on the road to fruition!

While there were certainly a lot of people bitching about Prometheus, and the feeling on the street was they were going to bitch regardless of the movie they got, the flick turned into an International blockbuster which clearly drove Fox to fund development of a sequel. There were some initial teething problems for the new script but clearly new writer Jack Paglen did something right when he came in bottom of the ninth. Here at ScaryMinds we loved Prometheus and are ready to rock to the next movie, day 1 the entire team are at the cinema baby!

There's no details on the plot as yet, darn they have managed to avoid "leaks", but the feeling is around here that Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw will track the Engineers to their home world and get some answers. Why are the Aliens dedicated to destroying the human race and who fathered the Engineers? Can Shaw get one step closer to God?

Published on 30 October 2013

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