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Kiwi Publisher Paper Road Press Launches

Paper Road Press, the new kid on the block of Kiwi speculative fiction, have launched with their first book being welcomed into the word at Wellington (30 October) and Tauranga (31 October).
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Paper Road Press are dedicated to publishing speculative fiction from both New Zealand authors and International writers. Their first release, an anthology titled Baby Teeth, was inspired by creepy things children say and features a range of Kiwi writers including Paul Mannering and Dan Rabarts. The book launched at receptions in Wellington, 30 October at the Quality Hotel, and Tauranga, 31 October at the Villaggio Cafe.

Publisher Marie Hodgkinson on the anthology, “I chose Baby Teeth as our first title because it's so deliciously creepy. Paper Road Press seeks out the strange and out-of-the-way in New Zealand fiction – and we are accepting submissions now, so spread the word!”.

Editor Lee Murray put the anthology into context, “Some of the stories in this book dare to take that extra step, they’re Danté-esque. Readers should expect to be terrified!” Okay who isn't going to secure a copy of this release, and just to give you the warm feeling of community support all profits from Baby Teeth are being donated to Duffy Books in Homes, a charity that aims to get free books into the hands of Children across New Zealand.

Baby Teeth is retailing for $25 in print or $10 in electronic format and is available at all good bookstores or online from Paper Road. Actually I'm not seeing an electronic version there.

Paper Road Press are currently accepting submissions in the form of Novellas, 20 to 50k words, or what they call "Shortcuts", 10 to 20K words. I'm looking forward to some suitably awesome releases in the future from the Publisher. Baby Teeth editor Dan Rabarts sums up what we can expect on the horror front, "horror also has a deeper purpose: shining a light into the darker places that people so often don't want to look at, and trying to put into words the awful things that can be found there." Hell yeah!

For submission guidelines and general information about Paper Road Press hit the Publisher's website right here

Please note ScaryMinds does not have a relationship with Paper Road Press besides being a horror site and Paper Road publishing horror goodness.

Published on 30 October 2013

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