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ScaryMinds signs off in 2013

Already looking forward to the New Year, 2014 will mark 1,000 reviews and some new frontiers!
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Well that's it, we is finished for 2013 after this morning's update of the site. While the Box Office has been disappointing, article to come in January, overall its been a good year for the dark genre with some excellent movies, novels, graphic novels, and television keeping us rocking.

To finish the year we were disappointed in the Christmas Doctor Who special, rocked out to Jason Fischer's Everything is a Graveyard, had a retro look at The Seventh Sign, and got our Winter City on with the latest edition. Overall a decent week's entertainment.

ScaryMinds finished the year with 982 reviews, a number of articles yet to be published, and one cool interview to go up in the New Year. We had our ups and downs through 2013, seems people have run out of time to review so we're down to myself and Outsider keeping the home fires burning. Our podcast never got off the ground due to various reasons, but January should see that medium hitting the airways with Radio Free ScaryMinds. Earlier in the year we got cracked by some cockroaches which lead to the site disappearing for a month, but hey new hosting company, and we finished 2013 in a strong position.

2014 promises to be a ripper, besides the podcast beginning we already have our first event planned, "The Power of Christ Compels", we have all the usual episode guides happening along with new territory in Bates Motel and Hannibal, as well as a stack of movies, novels, collections, and comics. We're particularly hopeful of getting the new software rocking, which will have a lot more visitor interaction, a quiz, etc, should be cool. Looking at the movies, there's a bundle coming our way including Wolf Creek 2, new Paranormal Activity, and a host of other options. It's going to be a very Scary year!

Good luck with your celebrations tonight folks! Remember when you hit the floor you have drunk way too much. The best to you and your family, hope 2014 rocks out for you.

Published on 30 December 2013

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