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What's left visually in the horror calendar in 2013?

Good question, and nothing says festive season like a lumbering zombie or a Japanese revenant or heck a masked psycho. With the year running out what is left to get excited about.
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We are done for cinematic fare this year, even though in past years the dark genre has kicked a few goals in late December early January. Our Distributors are still following North American release patterns rather than our own calendar, go figure! We don't get anything in cinemas till January 23rd when Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones hits out in the first of two movies in that franchise. The Marked Ones is the Latino version of the faltering franchise, so mildly interested. On the bright side of the ticket stub we are getting a cinema release of Wolf Creek 2 on Feb 20th, so mark that one down in your must view list. Can this movie make anything like the $5 million plus that the first movie made?

Naturally there's plenty happening on the home market front with the usual avalanche of titles being released for your approval. Looking down the list, and dear god in heaven there's some shite being thrown at the public, the stand outs for the local horror fan are Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide the Brit exploration of the whole censorship thing they had in the 1980s. 100 Bloody Acres the Aussie horror comedy painting it red on the 11th of Dec. And Fresh Meat, another solid Kiwi horror outing that doesn't take itself seriously, available January 8th.

If after additional viewing material then pick up a season or two of television. Our recommendations are The Walking Dead Season 3, American Horror Story: Asylum, and Hannibal Season 1

Published on 8 December 2013

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