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Momentum publish J T Clay's ode to making war not love

So a trainee kindergarten teacher falls for a vegan hippie named Rabbit, loses the dude, and then the zombies attack.
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Momentum books have gone all chick moment on us and have published the sort of romantic drama that Shakespeare might have written had the Bard thought zombies were a good idea. Sorry Bill, missed the boat mate, Canberra author J T Clay is across it as a zombie apocalypse threatens the path of true love, or whatever.

Want further information then dial into Momentum to find out all about J T Clay's novel A Single Girl's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse available on all e-book formats for an outstanding $5.99.

Since we're all public service like this morning, i.e the coffee hasn't kicked in hence we're not nasty yet, here's J T Clay's den on the net. Now go read the book and leave me in peace I have world domination to work on, oh yes there will be Llamas!

Published on 25 November 2013

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