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Siren Visual brings you Video Nasties, the definitive exploration

Like a lot of people I'm interested in the mid 1980s Brit Governments war on the horror and exploitation video market, Siren Visual are providing the documentary we all wanted.
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The Australian Classification Board have delivered a verdict of “Refused Classification” on the amateurish French flick Baise-moi due to the movie apparently offending against the “standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults”. Now okay the Board have to make a call, but for those wondering if ScaryMinds might be a decade or so behind the times the verdict was delivered this year. Got to say about the only people who would be offended by Baise-moi would be fundamental Christians and anyone with respect of decent cinema, though the second group would likely be offended by Twilight as well if we were being fair dinkum about things.

Naturally certain sections of the Aussie Horror crowd are up in arms over the decision, their belief being we should be able to watch whatever we want. Fair enough, though the angry little beavers are missing the entire point of classification and effective banning in this Country. While you or I might monitor what our kids watch there is a whole section of our society who apparently are incapable of the same action. Recently I went and caught a screening of The Conjuring, a better than average ghost story directed by Australia’s very own James Wan, and naturally some parents, term used loosely, had dragged their rug rats along as well. As night follows day kids traumatised and crying during the movie screening! Full marks to one parent who did leave the cinema rather than subject their offspring to the images being displayed. Did none of these parents note the classification? In the face of this example, and I have a butt load more, the Classification Board are doing a fine job, they don’t ban many movies after all just the ones that certain sections of our society, fundamental Christians for example, get their knickers in a knot over.

While our Classification Board may seem harsh to some it has nothing on the British equivalent during the “video nasty” era of the mid 1980s when the British establishment raged war on the burgeoning video market for cheap horror and exploitation titles. Like quite a number of people I’ve been waiting for a decent documentary that explores the issue in depth and finally Siren Visual have heeded the demand for answers here in Australia. On the 4th December the Distributor is landing a three disc package that not only contains an in depth documentary but also features trailers and intros to the 39 movies that were banned in the UK and the 33 titles that were initially banned but were then re-instated.

The DVD release, titled Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide will set you back $24.95 and should most definitely be part of your collection. Further information can be obtain from the Siren Visual website. Looks like we are getting the excellent Nucleus release from the U.K, and hey Xmas is coming up real soon now.

Actually checking the Siren site, yes they have a horror section, reminds me that we haven’t covered anime horror releases as yet, something we’ll remedy in due course.

Published on 15 November 2013

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