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New novels and collections announced by Satalyte and Severed Press

Seems like today was the day for at least two Publishing houses to either announce new signings or to have new novels let loose into the Wild. Aussie avalanche folks and we're more excited than Paris at a free cocktail function.
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Satalyte are committed to bringing Aussie authors to a world wide audience, but please note they don't just cover horror. Big day for announcements by Director of Satalyte Publishing Stephen C. Ormsby, and yes a high dark genre content that has us high fiving each other in the ScaryMinds bunker.

Jumping the gun a bit on this one but Satalyte have a two book deal with Andrew McKiernan on the table. Oh hell yes, McKiernan's collection A Prayer for Lazarus & Other Strange Offerings sounds like an absolutely massive release with two previous unpublished stories included. Quite excited there, but to top it off Satalyte are also publishing the Author's first crime novel, A Quiet Place. Will be first in line for copies of both books, the collection for this site and the crime novel as a gift to another site.

Also announced was a new novella from Jason Franks titled Shadowmancy. Word is it's a fantasy/horror novel and is the culmination of Publisher Ormsby and Author Franks wanting to work together since meeting at Supernova this year. But that's not all kids, Satalyte have also announced a Martin Cosby collection Dying Embers.

Satalyte's first published collection should also be of interest to dark genre fans, titled Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land, it features eight 8 Aussie authors writing novelette sized stories. The collection is kicked off by Lee Battersby’s Disciple of the Torrent and David McDonald’s Set Your Face Towards the Darkness.

For further information and pre-ordering of the books mentioned above set your browser to Satalyte's homepage.

Severed Press have released Timothy Bowden's novel Undead Kelly, primarily about Bushrangers versus zombies with a little extra spice, and it is available for purchase from Amazon. Review forthcoming from ScaryMinds.

In a busy day for Publishing in this Country Damnation Books have released Paul Collins' The Beckoning, an adult horror novel that has us all intrigued. Once again the novel is available from Amazon and a review will be coming from this site.

Published on 10 November 2013

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