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AHWA announces Midnight Echo to continue

Some good news from the Australian Horror Writings Association today with an announcement that their flagship magazine Midnight Echo will continue beyond episode 10.
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Last report was that the future of Midnight Echo might be in jeopardy, though the Association weren't exactly broadcasting the reason. We put it to down to either lower than expected circulation or a drop in advertising revenue or some combination of the two. Anyways Issue 11 was put on delay which caused a lot of confusion amongst interested parties and no doubt potential advertisers. Today the AHWA Committee could confirm that the next issue of Midnight Echo, (Issue 10) will be published as expected, but Issue 11 would be delayed as they review the operating costs of producing the magazine.

While that is at least some darkness at the edge of town I'm not overly confident of decision by Committee, like that always works. Apparently the Committee is going to evaluate the current structure of Midnight Echo and determine the best way for the magazine to continue into the future. While no doubt it's commendable to sit back and take a big breath, this Committee was elected by people who a couple of years back decided "robust" was somehow sexist! While Writers generally are as mad as a cut snake, that's simply taking the piss.

In their infinite wisdom the Committee has called for people to voice their opinion on the AHWA forums. Very democratic and I applaud asking for opinions, however the only opinions you are going to get is from the AHWA membership, the traditional market for Midnight Echo that clearly has lead to the current situation the magazine finds itself in. Yes I'm currently face palming as well.

You can read the whole statement by the AHWA right here kids.

While there are some excellent people working on Midnight Echo, the Marketing team deserve every accolade they get folks, there's also a disturbing inward looking approach going down. To survive the magazine needs to appeal to the wider horror community, not just the closed workshop of the AHWA membership, perhaps asking for opinions beyond the AHWA membership might yield some results? My opinion, which isn't being asked for, is to can anything to do with poetry, it might work in the hallowed hallways of the AHWA but for the rest of us it's an art form that went out of fashion last Century. Keep up the interviews etc with well know foreign authors, but start a movie column, a music column, heck a comic column, and ensure local Writers are getting plenty of scope to show their wares.

In order to show our support we have today introduced a Midnight Echo section to the site. Click to get the low down on the first six issues of the magazine.

Fingers crossed the Committee can turn things around and Midnight Echo has a robust future.

Published on 9 November 2013

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