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Aussie Director Bronwyn Edwards delivers new trailer for Tick Tock Trick

Director Bronwyn Edwards is hard at work bringing us the Gothic surreal nightmare, Tick Tock Trick, with the second trailer going online. If you want it dark and creepy then this would be the movie for you.
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Seems to be our day for movie news as Aussies continue to pile on the avalanche of films coming to a screen near you soon. Bronwyn Edwards, who has a boatload of credits on her resume including Dr Who and Hex, is tackling the Gothic ghost story in a big way with the feature length Tick Tock Trick, try saying that title 10 times in a row. While the movie is Brit, hence we can expect a high quality story, Edwards adds the surreal feel.

Selik Manor, and as creepy houses go this place rocks, hosts a group with a love of all things Gothic. A themed evening ensues with the Hosts charming their guests with tales and magic. However one guest, Zuri, is psychic and becomes aware of an unseen malignant presence in the Manor house. Each person needs to choose when to leave as time ticks by.

For more information visit the ultra cool website right here. Be warned however the site is addictive!

Published on 7 November 2013

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