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G’day Friends and Neighbours, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the web ScaryMinds twitches, rises from the dead, and is at it again – rambling on about horror and all. Sorry for the apparent death of the site, but we had a few people bale, I got caught up with TAFE and Uni work, plus moving states for a new job, and those beers weren’t drinking themselves. Good, or bad, news is we are gearing up for a monster 2017 and beyond.

A few changes coming at you which I guess I can announce right here right now. Firstly I would like to welcome on board two new staff members.


Mortecai joins us fresh from writing for a number of sites and is taking on television and movie reviews. That’ll be two of us hitting that department. Mort is hitting out with Wolf Creek, the television series, The Walking Dead, say what! – before rolling through some horror movie classics. Looking forward dude, and yeah we’ll take honest reviews every day of the week mate.


Wolfblue20 is heading up our new games section. That’s right we have a games reviewer ready to report in from the digital battlefront. Wolf has like the most in depth knowledge of games I’ve ever run across and plays both modern and retro. Hey I haven’t played computer games in zonks so am looking forward to some tips on what is good and wholesome for the whole family, insert evil laugh.

We still have our fingers crossed that Fem DF will agree to joining our podcast in due course, did I forget to mention we are working on podcasting? Oh hell yes, Downunder reviews, stories, and general banter will ensue. A few tech difficulties at the moment, but we should have episode 1 airing very early in 2017.

Currently we are working away at new software for the site, and just in case you think you are missing out its going to be interactive. Comments on reviews and articles, forums, and a couple of cool new features we think will really have the town jumping. Your chance to get involved and tell us what a pack of galahs we are, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Unfortunately due to time issues we are going to be changing our focus to more visual and less books. The comic reviews will still roll, we’re already behind on a lot of series we cover, but book reviews are going the way of Camp Counsellors down Crystal Lake. Sorry we simply don’t have enough time available to devote to major undertakings like reading novels. I was a bit sad, but my reading material for the next few years is going to be computer textbooks. Similarly the music section is probably going to get the boot due to it really not happening. So yes our focus is going to be firmly on movies, television, games, articles and comics.

Before I forget, 2017 will see the site launch “The ScaryMinds Project”, no we ain’t going into those woods, what we are going to try and do is see if we can come up with a universally acceptable definition of just what “horror” is. Seems every second person has a different definition, can we determine one that will cover all genres and appeal to 99% of the people.

We’re living in exciting times, the dark genre has never had so much appeal to a broader audience, time to get dicing and chopping fiends, see you on the dark side!

Published on 26 October 2016

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