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A week goes by without Ridley Scott releasing Prometheus update

Seems it's full steam ahead Downunder as they start looking for extras to play Aliens or Engineers, shooting to begin in April
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While we were away multiple updates went down on the Prometheus sequel as Scott turned tail more times than a Liberal Prime Minister. First the name changed multiple times as Scott mistakenly attempted to appease fans angered over the first movie, now it's apparently called Alien: Covenant. We say "mistakenly" as there's a huge amount of support for the first Prometheus movie from people who don't make complete twats of themselves on the internet by being arseholes about movies. So anyways looks like a dumbed down movie is headed our way, cause the "fans" want a no-brainer. Anyone else starting to put this hodge podge into the view on disc basket already?

The plot has pretty much been released, who wants surprises or the awe factor. Seems a colonial ship is out past the rim visiting an Engineer planet where something went drastically wrong, read Xenomorphs crashed the Engineer party. The only survivor of the ill fated Prometheus mission, the android David, is in residence. Queue face huggers, chest bursters, and drones, etc. Wait wasn't there someone else also on board the Alien vessel intent on finding the Engineer home world?

Okay sounding surprisingly dull to me to be honest, the Xenomorphs aren't exactly scary anymore.

Oh and by the way Alien 5 is on hold while Scott tinkers with a movie that is going to be a disaster if he keeps listening to fanboi shite.

More news as it comes to hand, but on the bright side Fox has tentatively inked in a release date, October 2017, I can hardly wait for that one.

Published on 28 January 2016

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