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Fear's Pilot episode shatters Cable Television records

Audiences tune in by the million to catch the first episode, naturally some elements in the horror community don't get character development, and are zombies destined for extinction due to mainstream acceptance?
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Fear the Walking Dead has been promised for months now and a ground swell of interest has been created by AMC's marketing department both online and in the SCREW. This resulted in Monday seeing a massive 10.1 million people turning on the pilot episode Monday evening in North America. The figure is a record for Cable Television and bodes well for Fear's future.

Initial reviews have been very favourable with the majority of Reviewers highly appreciative of the care taken to develop the lead characters as believable people. Our review is coming shortly. Naturally there has been a backlash amongst some sectors of the horror community who simply don't get character development or drama. Thankfully they present a small minority who can quickly be discarded as immature twats wanting to be big on whatever site they happen to be infecting. A quick straw poll, please note this is in no way scientific, by ScaryMinds indicates the vast majority of viewers rocked out to what they viewed.

With the mainstream embracing both The Walking Dead and now Fear the Walking Dead are zombies the new vogue monster? Clearly Vampers are still big in tween and teen chick demographics, we refuse to acknowledge TwilightMoms - those chicks are dumber than a box of hammers, and Serial Killers are making waves, but zombies are holding the numbers. Will this finally send the rottening corpses back to the grave as teenage rebellion refuses to acknowledge adult adoption of themes and ideas? We actually don't care cause we are meant to be adults and all here at Sminds, bring it on baby can't wait for the next episode of Fear!

Published on 25 August 2015

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