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The Nest 3D heading to pre-production finally

Yeah I was also wondering whatever happened to this joint Aussie-Chinese flick. Alls good and full steam ahead kids, we got spider troubles.
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Director Kimble Rendall might have had a bit of a miss with Bait 3D, for good reason, but the results in China were strong enough for some loving from the Communist state. Hence the joint venture into the web of terror.

"When a scientist disappears in the desert while investigating a potential scientific breakthrough in medicine, an international team of colleagues embarks on a search and rescue mission. Once in the wild a flash fire forces the search party into an abandoned house where they driven into an underground labyrinth and find themselves besieged by an even more terrifying threat driven to the surface by the heat... swarms of flesh eating funnel web spiders, which also hold a venom they believe will be the next miracle drug that can make them millions".

Okay the funnelweb is scary enough to have grown blokes running screaming, but uhmm, how exactly did they end up in Outback China? Guess either the movie is set in Outback Sydney or they will explain the strange situation.

For those wondering female funnelwebs have burrows and extensive underground colonies, while the male roams looking for female company. And yes the male is the real deadly one. Hey sucks to be us, and might explain why most Aussies aren't exactly shivering in your average horror flick.

Published on 4 August 2015

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