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And Now The News

25 December 2016   Alien: Covenant first trailer drops

Article Thumbnail So bit excited over here, drones, face huggers, Ridley going the full nine in second prequel movie.

1 December 2016   Friday toonage December 2016

Article Thumbnail Hey we forgot about this so heres some classic Aaron Stoquert

27 November 2016   Greg McLean again attacks the U.S box office with forthcoming horror comedy

Article Thumbnail And this time he's bringing James Gunn to the party!

24 November 2016   Sorry no updates folks

Article Thumbnail Our ISP are so bloody hopeless we can't keep a connection for more than five minutes

24 November 2016   Good news on the Alien: Covenant front

Article Thumbnail Okay so Ridley has been going a tad quiet on the movie recently but finally some excellent news drops on the desk

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