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And Now The News

31 July 2014   Australian Horror Movie Charlie's Farm theatrical trailer released

Article Thumbnail Chris Sun looks to have a slasher that could well evolve into a franchise

31 July 2014   Peter Jackson describes it as "Bloody brilliant", new Kiwi horrorcomedy set for September 2014 release

Article Thumbnail Not many details to hand but "Housebound" is set for a September 4th cinema release in New Zealand, figures crossed we get it across the ditch here as well.

30 July 2014   Australian Horror Movie The Babadook gets European release, but nothing for regional Australia

Article Thumbnail Okay Icon just what the hell is the story here, the Euros are getting the movie toot sweet and regional Australia is left out in the cold once again!

28 July 2014   George Miller goes back to the well with Mad Max: Fury Road

Article Thumbnail First trailer out and got to say it looks a lot like the second movie in the original trilogy, only without Mel Gibson!

24 July 2014   Spierig Bros teaming up with Hammer on Supernatural movie

Article Thumbnail While the movie reviews around the name Winchester is has nothing to do with Sam and Dean, Hammer want a supernatural flick and they are calling in the Bros to direct

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