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And Now The News

21 May 2015   Friday music clip - The Rubens: Hallelujah

Article Thumbnail Latest single from the second album release by The Rubens

14 May 2015   Plague set to take a bite out of Audiences

Article Thumbnail New Aussie zombie flick looks high on drama and densely intense. Are we excited, think Tony Abbott finding new areas to slash in the environment budget!

14 May 2015   In space they still can't hear you screaming, Shane Abbess is back!!!

Article Thumbnail Abbess finally has a follow up to Gabriel, Infini now available on digital formats.

12 May 2015   Mick Taylor back as early as Next Year in third Wolf Creek rampage

Article Thumbnail Talk is the third Wolf Creek movie is moving ahead at a rapid pace, at least according to one Mr Jarrett.

6 May 2015   Southern Fried Evil Dead

Article Thumbnail The Bros head North to help out Sam Raimi with new television series Ash vs The Evil Dead

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