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And Now The News

2 November 2015   AMC order two seasons of The Walking Dead spin off series

Article Thumbnail After some weird period of inactivity on the project AMC's President Charlie Collier confirmed the cable network is going full on zombie.

25 February 2015   The Walking Dead spinoffs, season finales, what the hell are AMC doing y'all

Article Thumbnail Yes we're major walking dead fans here in the Sminds bunker, hell an episode guide and a book review coming up, but say what AMC!?!

21 February 2015   Alien fans rejoice, movies galre announced

Article Thumbnail Okay settle, two new movies set in the Xenomorph universe have been announced with a third projected!

20 February 2015   Mick Taylor back in six part tellie series?

Article Thumbnail Wolf Creek to continue building as a franchise, now television is being slaughtered

19 February 2015   2015 - Friday music clip 1

Article Thumbnail Veruca Salt - Seether

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